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Business Coaching

Coaching With Sally

Are you a therapist in the Massage and bodywork industry who:

  • wants to set up their own business but doesn’t know how to get started?
  • wants someone to support you and help rebuild your confidence?
  • has been set up in business for a while, but you are feeling like your business activities have gone a bit stale, and you don’t feel like you’ve made it beyond an expensive hobby?

If any of the items below resonate with you, then I’m the business coach for you:

Do you struggle with any of the following?

  • Finding your Niche – Deciding if you can or should specialise and if your available client base can make it possible
  • Ideal clients – Understanding who your ideal client is and how to market to them
  • Social media – Understanding your Instatweet from your Snapbook. We’ll help you understand and excel at the latest social media trends
  • Pricing and packages – Charging what you deserve for your work. It’s not all about Time for money, it’s about your education, expertise and the elements that make YOU so Unique
  • Marketing – How to market without selling your soul, creating genuine campaigns that are a reflection of you and your brand
  • Finding Paying Clients – How to woo the clients who will pay you what you’re worth
  • Your Business Vision – Understanding what your true business vision is and how to get there
  • Consultations, Info sessions and Freebies, oh my  – knowing what to provide a client and when
  • Taking care of you – Massage therapists often spend so much time caring for others they forget about themselves. Let’s look at creating the perfect Self Care routine so you can treat yourself like the royalty that you are
  • Networking – How to network when you’d rather die than be in a room full of strangers talking about yourself
  • Building Confidence – You are an absolute rockstar, and it’s time you believed in yourself enough that you shine inside and out
  • Loneliness – I’m not going to lie, sometimes being a business owner is the loneliest job in the world, especially if you don’t have friends and family around you who are in the same boat. We’ll work to build activities and a plan to share your life with your friends and family, and allow you to open up about the support that you need from them on this journey
  • Burn out – There are only so many hours in a day, let’s look at your schedule and adjust so that you don’t burn yourself out trying to make all the money, and instead look at opportunities for additional income streams
  • Overwhelm – Let’s look at how to create a balance so your mind isn’t buzzing with business 24/7. Let’s prevent the overwhelm before it even knows you are there
  • Struggling to focus – You have so many ideas in your head it’s hard to focus on just one. Let’s look at capturing all of these ideas and freeing your mind so you can help grow each of these ideas into beautiful business bouquets


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Get in touch if any of these situations sound like where you are at the moment.  You aren’t the Lone Ranger, you don’t need to do this on your own, but if you feel like that right now, let me be your Tonto to help guide you on the right path.

I work with therapists every day going through the same challenges you’re currently facing.

I know what it’s like to have this amazing business idea or plan but no idea where to start.

What it’s like to be so excited about your business, but you lack the confidence in your abilities and this causes you to freeze and not do anything. You might have doubts about how you’re going to get those clients and whether you actually know how to attract them.

If you’re a massage therapist either launching or trying to expand your business and feel that you need some coaching and/or mentoring support to help you figure out how to make it happen, then let’s work together.

I will help you gain clarity, define your goals, and be there for you as you build your business, and build the life of your dreams.
I will challenge you to share your awesomeness with the world.

I LOVE working with therapists who want to take their business seriously and still have fun along the way.

Don’t let your business make you feel like you’re pulling teeth!
I can help you make progress.

I love helping my clients to figure things out as they launch and/or grow their businesses, working with them to develop their skills along the way.

Massage Therapists are full of empathy and passion, but they are also easily exhausted because they put so much of their energy into their businesses that they often forget about themselves and other areas of their lives.

My coaching sessions aren’t about telling you what to do, they’re about transforming your ideas into an action plan so that you can make progress in small easily achievable steps.

They’re about identifying which of your amazing ideas are the priority and which can be put on hold for a bit.  Coaching and mentoring can help you achieve the life you want while still balancing your business and personal goals, at no sacrifice to your income.

I coach most of my clients via Skype/telephone and find this brings me the same success as when working face-to-face with clients.  Most clients choose Skype because it eliminates extra travel time, cost, stress, and energy.  This way you can be coached at home, at work and/or without even having to get out of your pyjamas, because let’s face it pyjamas were meant to be worn all the time.
I love a pyjama day!

If you would prefer to be coached face-to-face though I also hold sessions in my local area, West Lothian, Scotland. If you’re interested in working with me then  fill in the Contact Form  and I’ll be in touch so we can arrange a call to talk through what support you need.

I’m here to help.